Crooked Carrot Community Supported Kitchen

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We are Crooked Carrot, Ithaca's first Community Supported Kitchen (CSK).  We produce a variety of healthy, locally-sourced foods to help you transform seasonal produce into delicious, convenient meals.  Crooked Carrot works similarly to a CSA: CSK members receive a "share" of food every other week.  

  • Deep connection to family, friends, and community through home cooking
  • Stewardship of the land through sustainable farming practices and local food systems
  • Fair pay for farmers and other food artisans
  • Food made by hand, with care and attention to detail
  • Cooking that connect us to the source of our food by focusing on local, seasonal ingredients
  • Practical solutions that help us make nourishing, home-made meals a reality in our busy lives
  • Buying ingredients from local, organic, family-owned operations
  • Operating on a small scale that allows personal attention to each product
  • Designing our menus around whole, fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Cooking, storing, and packaging our food with personal and environmental health in mind
  • Returning all biodegradable kitchen waste to the farm through composting
  • Creating products that are healthy, delicious, and convenient to use