Green Field Farms

Green Field Farms

Our History
About 90 percent of our Amish families made a living from their farms in the 1980s. Today, less than 10 percent are full-time farmers having been replaced by highly mechanized agriculture. Green Field Farms was established in January 2003 to revitalize our family farms by providing customers like you fresh and healthy food. Raising organic animals and crops are not new ideas its the way we have farmed for centuries.
Our Guiding Principles
Sustainability. Work in partnership with all GFF members to foster economic stability for our family, farms, and businesses. We work together in the common interest of all, yet respect the ownership, needs, and duties of each member as independent business people. Culture. Our way of life is important to us. It is understood that all decisions and actions are made to ensure our Amish values are protected and enhanced. Community. We respect all peoples within and outside our community. We believe it is always best to seek ways to improve not just the Amish community, but the community at large.
The Green Field Farms Way
Green Field Farms believes in one simple rule Grow food the way our family farms have done for hundreds of years. Our cows graze over lush green pastures. Chickens roam freely and have clean, dry bedding to lay their eggs. Fruits and vegetables sprout from fields that are shaped by our horse drawn plows. The soil is cared by the touch of our hands and revitalized naturally. As a community of Amish farmers, we believe its important to offer only healthy and nourishing products that our own families enjoy everyday, too. Our certified organic and specialty products are naturally raised. And theyre produced by our families who want to farm for generations to come.

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