Project Localize

Transition Goshen has used the Lexicon of Sustainability to encourage our community to consider a common language for exploring our community food systems and to inspire positive thinking about creative opportunities and models for change.

Building on the program's success, "the Project Localize food literacy initiative shows teachers and students how to identify and promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities."

LOCALIZE: AMES, IOWA was led by one motivated teacher and his 11th grade class. The students mapped their local food system, interviewed producers, farmers, processors and key stakeholders at the local level, then created artworks illustrating what sustainability looks like in Iowa.
In October 2013 the Lexicon brought these students’ artworks to Washington DC. Weinvited members of Congress and educational leaders to visit the public debut of this information art project.
As current curators and supporters of the Lexicon of Sustainability, our community is in a great position to collaborate on Project Localize.  Interest in bringing this project to Michiana is strong, with multiple efforts to identify and engage local students interested in exploring their community food systems.
The Lexicon of Sustainability is now looking for exemplary teachers and schools to participate in PROJECT LOCALIZE.
Selected schools will receive a Lexicon of Sustainability curriculum, taxonomy, video tutorials for creating information artworks, a regional food mapping system blueprint, a public event planner and the chance to win the Lexicon of Sustainability Excellence in Education prize in 2014.
Please email if you would like to support this initiative.