Elkhart Local Food Alliance

Elkhart Local Food Alliance:

Planting seeds of hope through neighborhood gardening and collective education; strengthening our neighborhoods through empowering relationships with each other and the earth

The Elkhart Local Food Alliance is made up of community members and supported by local organizations grounded in the neighborhoods of South Central Elkhart. We seek to cultivate community and create food security through a variety of interactive programs. We can create food security by having greater control over and knowledge about where and how our food is grown, particularly by using space in our own neighborhoods to grow food for ourselves and our neighbors. Food security also means creating access to nutritious food and education about good food choices in all neighborhoods. We are committed to empowering ourselves and our neighbors to do just that, by seeking out and creating thriving, local, sustainable food systems and culture. In our diverse community, food and food cultivation can bring us together for vibrant sharing and collaboration. ELFA is committed to creating educational programs and neighborhood gardening spaces which will strengthen our health, economy, environment and community. At the root of our work is a commitment to partnering with existing organisations and neighbors who have experience in working with food systems and who carry a similar vision for strong, healthy neighborhoods.

Core Values:

  • empowerment through education and skill-building
  • strength through community collaboration
  • based in West and South Central Elkhart, reaching out to the rest of the city, county and region
  • grassroots-based, resident-led
  • networking with allies
  • approaching health and wellness with a holistic and integrated vision
  • undoing oppression in all of it's forms
  • food security, meaning access to fresh, local, pesticide-free food for all people, and skills to produce this food autonomously
  • autonomy for historically marginalized communities
  • respect for the earth and all of the life it supports
  • meeting people where they're at; embodying [flexibility in our programming and emphasizing relationships to best respond to local realities
  • consensus
  • inspired by hope, creativity and possibility
  • permaculture




Wolf and Prairie Streets, Elkhart, IN 46516, USA