Tillers International

Our Mission is to preserve, study, and exchange low-capital technologies that increase the sustainability and productivity of people in rural communities.

Our Vision is to create an international learning community in which we seek an understanding of local conditions, inspire an attitude of experimentation, and give the promise of rural sustainabilty for decades to come.

Tillers International is a 501(c)3 IRS non-profit organization for international rural development, specializing in farming with oxen. Based in Scotts, Michigan, USA at our Cook's Mill Learning Center, Tillers offers classes in appropriate technology, farming techniques, draft animal power, blacksmithing and metal work, timber framing, woodworking, cheesemaking, and many other farming and artisanal skills. Tillers also hosts interns, both international and domestic, and international guests for intensive periods of hands-on training. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a new land or skill-based livelihood, or an opportunity to contribute your knowledge and skills to an international project, Tillers welcomes you and offers myriad unique, educational opportunities. Consider becoming a supporting member and help Tillers bring sustainability to rural communities worldwide.




10515 E OP Ave, Scotts, MI 49088