Aquaponics Building - Teen Challenge at Life Center Project

Food System Role: 

Life Center Project initially decided to build an Aquaponics Building to curb the food costs for the 23 men who live onsite as participants of the Teen Challenge recovery program. But the project holds much more potential than simply cutting the grocery bill and greening participants’ plates.

Currently, a small aquaponics lab inside of the the Life Center grows some greens, helping residents gain skills needed to operate the larger lab to be built spring of 2015. The new lab will continue to grow greens in addition to many other organic vegetables. The aquaponics program provides better food literacy among Teen Challenges participants and allows them to gain chemistry and agriculture skills. Some may even get a taste of distribution affairs as excess produce will be sold to local restaurants.

Teen Challenge will be using ECSIA aquaponics systems. The producer is in talks with Teen Challenge to use their location as a training site for the system.