Elkhart Area Career Center Culinary Arts

Food System Role: 

The Culinary Arts class is designed to prepare trainees for the busy world of the food service industry.  First year students learn proper sanitation, proper food handling skills, basic hot food cooking techniques, basic baking principles, and cold food preparation.   Soups, stocks and sauce preparation are also covered in this class.  
Students that return for the second year of the program learn to prepare potatoes, grains, pastas, meat fabrication, poultry fabrication, and seafood fabrication, as well as various preparations of these items.  Students are taught basic management principles and are given an opportunity to manage the first year students in the preparation of meals for various functions in the facility.  Advanced pastry preparation, menu design, and buffet preparation are also studied. 
ProStart certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete their work experience requirements and have successfully passed the year one and year two national exams.   When completing this course the student has the opportunity to gain college credits at several colleges locally as well as nation wide. The student also has the option of entering the work world, military, or applying for apprenticeship with American Culinary Federation.




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