Elkhart Meals on Wheels

Food System Role: 

If you are a homebound senior citizen in the City of Elkhart, or know someone who is, we want to help. Elkhart Meals on Wheels home-delivers two meals a day, five days a week (excluding holidays) to seniors who are unable to ensure adequate nutrition for themselves. Some utilize our service while recovering from illness or surgery, others need meals indefinitely to help them remain independent in their homes.
Meals on Wheels also provides daily social contact for seniors who would otherwise be alone. It can potentially allow for earlier release from hospitals and long term care facilities and help in keeping elderly and disabled persons out of institutions altogether. It can help older married couples remain together and give many people the opportunity to live in their own homes for longer periods of time. Because volunteers check on meal recipients every weekday, people who live alone can feel safe, knowing that someone would notice if anything were to happen to them.




600 East Boulevard, Elkhart, IN 46514