Indiana Farm to School Network

farm to school vision
An Indiana where local farms, local markets and local schools work together to ensure the health of children, farms, the environment, the economy and communities.
the ifsn’s efforts:
• Provide vision, leadership and support to connect and strengthen the Farm to School movement across Indiana.
• Establish and maintain a list of farmers and food processors who are interested in selling their products to schools.
• Increase access to Indiana-grown and produced foods by identifying purchasing opportunities and building the State’s distribution capacity.
Farm to School is broadly defined as a program that connects schools (K-12) and local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities, and supporting local and regional farmers. Farm to School's goal is to enable every child to have access to nutritious food while simultaneously benefiting communities and local farmers. Indiana's Farm to School program draws support from a variety of organizations and interest groups because of the benefits they offer in education, health and nutrition, supporting local producers, strengthening community self-sufficiency, and in encouraging environmental sustainability.