Soup Of Success

Food System Role: 

Soup Of Success is a job and life skills training program for women who are dealing with difficult life situations, making positive changes and striving toward self-sufficiency. All proceeds from the sale of Soup of Success products are returned back to the program to cover the training wages of participants. The more products that are sold, the more women we can help. Please partner with us.

Soup of Success is a program of Church Community Services.

Words From Our Women

“This is the best thing that has happened to me…I never knew that there was something in Elkhart that would help women the way that Soup of Success does. This program is for women who want to help themselves and are not just looking for a free ride. They will help you get on track and feel good about yourself.” -Rhonda

“I persevered and gave my best. Because I made a conscious effort and was determined to succeed, I learned a lot about computers, money management, job markets, and transferable skills.” -Kathy

“I loved the empowerment and getting the help that a single mother, like myself, needs. It has allowed me to take a deeper look inside myself and deal with a lot of issues that have unconsciously kept me from succeeding in the past.” -Gina

“Through support group, I have learned the importance of listening to myself, setting boundaries, and acknowledging my accomplishments. I now know the profound impact this process has on my life today and the important role it plays in fulfilling my hopes and dreams in the future.” - Raquele




907 Oakland Ave, Elkhart, IN