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What's Local Food?
We're all familiar with the concept of a watershed, but for many a "foodshed" is a new idea. Our foodshed is the area from which our food flows to us. For most of us, our foodshed reaches around the globe. Any shift in the food supply that shrinks our foodshed closer to home is a shift in the right direction!
Regarding food, some say local means it is available within a four hour drive. Some say local means within a day's ride on horseback. Some have been experimenting with the 100-mile diet, while others have been experimenting with the 100-yard diet (neighborhood), even the 100-foot diet (garden). 
But we think local should mean as local as possible. And whatever local means for you, our mission is helping you find the freshest, highest quality local food in your area, and connecting you with the people who grow it and bring it to your table.