Elkhart Co. needs your help rebuilding its local food system

Elkhart Co. needs your help rebuilding its local food system

by Annie Cheng, April 17, 2014  WSBT

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Purdue University just started a year-long study called "Rebuilding Your Local Food System" into two different Indiana counties. Elkhart County and another county in the southern part of the state were chosen. The study will look at how much of the county's food is grown and produced locally, then seek to improve that number.

In other words, "What are some of the needs that people are recognizing that currently aren't getting met that could be with local resources?" said Phil Metzler, a local food advocate who's leading the group involved with the study.

When you think of "local food," the local farmers' market is what usually comes to mind. But those are just a tiny piece of the puzzle, and the study wants to look at the big picture of local food, Metzler said.

"This is really about going beyond the farmer's markets, really looking for ways to connect the infrastructure that's needed in between," he said.

It's a broad goal in mind: "People. Food. And how you get them connected," offered Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, director of Elkhart County's Purdue Extension office


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