Indiana Farms, Indiana Foods, Indiana Success: Central Indiana Food Hub Feasibility Study

Indiana Farms, Indiana Foods, Indiana Success:  Central Indiana Food Hub Feasibility Study

Executive Summary

A food hub in Central Indiana has been deemed feasible by this study. A variety of factors 
were evaluated to reach this conclusion: 
  • Trends in small farming show regular growth in the number of new small farms 
  • Most specialty crops for the food hub will come from farms under 200 acres 
  • The number of new farmers is also increasing, many will like the niche markets 
  • GIS mapping shows that Central Indiana is the best site in the state for a new food 
  • hub 
  • There are currently more specialty crops produced in Indiana than are sold through 
  • local food channels; product is out there now 
  • There are existing acres of specialty crops that could convert to selling in Indiana 
  • verses out of state 
  • The number of young, small farmers is growing while the number of young, large 
  • Younger farmers reported lower direct farms sales income-they need valued added 
  • options to increase profitability 
The food hub project has the potential to provide the economic impact of 12 jobs in the first 
year as well as farmer revenue increases. When good agricultural practices (GAP) are 
followed by producers selling to the hub, farm environmental health and sustainability 
The project expands the marketplace for Indiana-raised and Indiana-consumed food. The 
marketplace also expands as producers scale up to produce more goods. 
The food hub as the unique opportunity to serve the greater community. When a growing 
marketplace is served by food located near the source of consumption, transportation costs 
and other food security concerns can be reduced. Food hubs offer a place to continue the 
dialog with consumers about where their meal really originated. While not advocating one 
type of agriculture over another but simply allowing the exploration of food culture, the 
hub preserves Indiana’s agricultural heritage, showcases the success and ability of the 
farmer and allows the consumer to develop trust in their food producer.