Local group connects city dwellers with free edibles

South Bend Tribune, posted Sunday, September 22, 2013, by Kim Kilbride

Ivy Tech State College culinary arts student Joshua Murray has mastered the art of turning foraged fruit into beautiful food.
In fact, he's so passionate about making the most of the area's urban bounty that he began a Facebook group called "Eat Wild."
It's grown to include more than 250 members.
And now, Murray is sharing his knowledge of the public places where fruit is free for the taking by logging the locations at fallingfruit.org.
The interactive map of the world lists fruit trees and other foragable food on public property.
"I took up urban foraging as a hobby about three years ago," he said, "as a way to put something a little different on the table at home.
"There's really a lot of stuff out here if you look for it," he said last week, standing near three apple trees on a tree lawn on East Colfax Avenue in South Bend.
As to the public vs. private land issue, Murray said his motto is, it's better to be safe than sorry.
"I assume trees on tree lawns are on municipal property and can be picked freely," he said. "But we respect others' properties and encourage people to go out and talk to property owners," he said of Eat Wild group members.
falling fruit

Joshua Murray, a  self-proclaimed "urban forager," picks apples in the public right of way at Colfax and Sunnyside avenues in South Bend.