Students learn about the importance of soil

SHADES OF GREEN: Students learn about the importance of soil

Posted: Saturday, December 12, 2015 5:30 am


    The Indiana State Science Standards mandates me to teach the seventh-graders so they can “describe physical and chemical characteristics of soil layers and how they are influenced by the process of soil formation (including the action of bacteria, fungi, insects and other organisms).”

    I tried to think of how I could get students to think about dirt or soil — one of the most important things on earth that we cannot live without.


    But I wanted them to think a little bit more and it just so happened Sara Stalter, Director Food & Nutrition Services, Indiana University Health - Goshen Hospital/Sodexo, called me up from and wondered if we wanted to help her start a Community Garden just south of the Retreat - across the street from Goshen Middle School.

    I said “sure but can I let my students help out?”
    I called up Dennis Yoder, a local amish man who owns several horses and a plow. He came on a sunny early November day so the students could see the slicing of the plow, the teamwork of the horses, search for the microorganisms in the soil AND meet two other farmers that the students had to interview discovering why they chose that profession and learn their opinion of soil.