From The Lexicon of Sustainability:

Sustainability is an ideal. Its principles reinforce that everything you do has consequences, even when they’re hidden from view. Its worldview imbues you, as either a consumer or producer, with a clear, undeniable sense of responsibility. It gives you a role—to change how you think, what you make, and what you buy—and confirms that your actions matter. Finally, it reinforces that we’re both the cause of all that ails us as a society, and the solution. Only you can decide which path to follow.
“Respect Mother Earth. Respect the land. Learn from the animals. When foraging always leave something behind for whoever comes next. In this way you’re sure to find something when you come back. If only the top three leaves are taken, a plant will regrow. If cut off at the ground, it dies. Most people, they want the whole plant.”
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